TT Rockstars – Magnolia’s Civil War!

This week I challenged my class to take part in a TT Rockstars battle and quickly realised that they were all ready to put the work in to make sure I lost! It has been a week of fierce competition with the top spot changing between the children and myself on an hourly basis! I also received a lot of messages on Purple Mash from some children who were very confident they would beat me. 

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As much as I tried, I couldn’t catch them at the all important time, and they raced ahead on the Friday morning. I am very proud of the class however, as they doubled their score from the previous week and the scores finished as:

Mr Edwards - 17,672 / Magnolia - 18,302

A BIG well done to all the children for their hard work.  You may have won this battle, but I will win the war!!!
I am already preparing for our next battle………….