Year 2 Learning Overview

Our Community, Our Values

In year 2 we have been having fun learning lots of new things.  PSHE has been heavily embedded throughout all of our learning this term.

This term in English, we have been learning all about how to develop our sentences including using: different adjectives; adverbs; sentence openers and conjunctions.   Also, the children have been writing their own adventure stories where we considered the value of kindness.  We have also explored how to write persuasively by creating our own adverts.

In Phonics the children were introduced to a new approach called Monster Phonics and they have really been enjoying discovering all the different monsters and how they sound in different words.


In Maths, we have been learning all about place value to 100. We have been using these skills to complete different operations, including adding and subtracting two, two digit numbers. We have learnt lots of different ways to complete these calculations such as using base ten, number lines and even column method. We have also completed mini learning units on shape, time, measure and fractions.


In our Geography and Art learning, the children discovered all about what the word community meant as well as discussing our local community and identifying different things within it: park, church and school. We also discussed why it is important to respect your community and the children used a media of their choice to create one area in our community that they like to visit.


During our science learning, the children have explored the different seasons and how they might change in different locations and in our community. They have compared the weather in the UK to other countries. We have also investigated using rain gauges that we placed around different areas outside to compare rainfall over a week. During the second part of the term we have been completing mini learning units about forces and materials too.

In History we have been learning about the First World War and discovering what different peoples roles were in the War. We have thought about how the community of Wickford could have been impacted by the war. 



During Computing, Year 2 have been learning about e-safety and how to post on an online notice board (using our secure Purple Mash platform).The children have also learnt how to code, input and debug instructions into a computer. We have created background of things that may be in our community and some that are fictional. 


In RE, the children have been learning about places that are special to themselves and places that are special to others. We have focused on Christianity and the importance of a church to Christian people. 


During PE, the children have been developing their team building skills and overall fitness. We have been thinking about how we can show our school values in PE lessons.