Birch Class – Autumn Term Overview

In Birch class we have been up to a lot of fun things this term. Throughout this term, we have completed a lot of work based around PSHE for the recovery curriculum.

In English, we designed our own social distance game and wrote an advert advertising the games. This then lead up to writing a non-chronological report about our game and how important these games are. We presented our report as an actual newspaper reporter. It was great fun!

team, teamwork, motivation
numbers, numerals, counting

In Math, we have been looking at place value up to a four digit number. This led us to adding and subtracting four digit numbers. WOW! We have completed learning flashbacks in our lessons to consolidate our learning. As a class, we have recently moved onto measurement and perimeter. We designed a cage for the Christmasarus (our class book), and measured the perimeter and compared them as a class.

In Art, we have been looking at the Artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have taken our learning outside and have looked at patterns in Nature. As a class we decided to look at the famous ‘Starry Night’ Art work and have looked at the patterns within this amazing piece of art work.

universe, space, astronautics
password, keyword, codeword

In our E-safety lessons, we have looked at how important passwords are. We had to label the passwords from most reliable to least. We had fun creating our own good and bad passwords.

During PE, we have been working really hard on our Fitness levels. It has been hard work but fun. We have learnt all about stamina and how important it is breathe in through our nose and out of our mouths.

sport, train, active
om, buddhism, devanagari

In RE, we have looked at the Religion Hinduism. We looked specifically at the Gods. We then created our own God and suggested what our God’s special power would be. For example, we had God’s that stopped sickness. God’s that stopped people from dying when they didn’t want to and God’s that made animals safe habitats away from predators.

In Geography, we have been moving our learning on from using a four point compass to using an eight point compass. We have been playing the compass game. We made a map to show directions from our house to Runwell School.

compass, east, north