Welcome to Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Willow & Sycamore
Year 2 – Maple & Elm

Handwriting examples
Please click on the following links to see some examples of the handwriting standard we want to achieve across the school in the various year groups:

Year 1

Year 1 theme letter spring term 1
Year 1 theme letter spring term 2
Year 1 theme letter summer term 1

Year 2

What are we learning about in school?

As part of our theme Our School, Our Values we have been looking at how to come together as a team to help others. Mickey Mouse sent Year 2 a letter in desperate need of assistance because there had been a fire in their warehouse! The children thought this was awful and wanted to help them, but how? Both classes came up with ways including helping the Police with their alibis, creating Wanted posters to search for the culprits, and boosting moral by creating lovely pictures for the characters on a computer.

They would also like to replace the toys that were destroyed in the fire- perhaps we could make our own? Watch this space …

English- Sentence types for our alibis, time conjunctions for recounting, adjectives to describe a character and sentence openers.

Maths- Place value, Addition and subtraction

History- Another fire? We have been learning about the Great Fire of London and the children will compare how London was rebuilt to how they could help Mickey rebuild his warehouse

Science- Materials and their properties. What materials are best to carry water to help put the fire out? What materials are strong? What materials would have melted in the fire?

Art- Using the idea of fire to create a picture using the Art media of our choice. We are comparing our work to Turner and Luny (two famous artists)

Computing- Using 2paint on the computers to create pictures for the Disney characters to cheer them up and boost moral. We will also create pictures of fire using all of the tools learnt so far so we can compare the difficulty and attractiveness to those made in our Art lessons.

PE- Team building and working together