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Welcome to Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Willow & Sycamore
Year 2 – Maple & Elm

Handwriting examples
Please click on the following links to see some examples of the handwriting standard we want to achieve across the school in the various year groups:

Year 1

Year 1 theme letter spring term 1
Year 1 theme letter spring term 2
Year 1 theme letter summer term 1

Year 2

Year 2 have been helping Disney characters through their disaster this term. They followed clues to work out that Captain Hook had set a fire trap at Disney that burnt all the toys sticks down. They came up with a great idea to make their own toys that included an axle and sell it at they own toy shop to raise money for the characters.

They then went on to find out about other fires related disasters such as the Gun Powder Plot, the great fire of London, the fire at Southend pier (the longest pleasure pier in the world) and the fire that ended a business in Wickford that was responsible for inventing the Darby Digger.

Year 2 Theme Letter Spring 1