Outdoor Nursery

In 2017 we opened our school Nursery provision ‘Saplings’.  This is a 24-place outdoor nursery, and we are proud to be able to offer a fully inclusive and developmental curriculum that follows the ‘Development Matters’ skills progression document.

Children are welcome from their third birthday and can access sessions from either 8.30am – 11.30am or 12.30pm – 3.30pm.  There is an option for lunchtime club provision if you wish to add this to your child’s session, or if you need full day care.

We ask that if parents are using their FEEE (Free Early Education Entitlement) funding, that they opt to book full mornings or afternoons with us so that the school is in receipt of your full funding and it is not split over multiple providers.  You are also welcome to privately fund top up provision if you wish your child to attend for 30 hrs.    If vacancies are available, we are happy to start your child at any point after their third birthday, however many parents opt to start their child in either September, January, or April at the beginning of each school term.

For more information, please contact Mrs Waugh in the school office.

Official Opening of our Outdoor Nursery

Today (21st June 2021) we had the pleasure of Concillor Ball coming to our school to officially open our Outdoor Nursery.