Parent Council

Learning begins (and continues) at home

Parents and families are children’s first teachers and continue to make a difference to children’s learning, as they grow older.

Schools are most effective when they develop positive relationships with parents and the community they serve. There are lots of ways in which schools and parents can work together to give children the best possible education.

The Parent Council is just one of the ways RCPS reaches out and has been set up to support parents in engaging with their child’s education and providing a forum to express their views and ideas about how the school is working.


Why parents’ views matter

Encouraging and supporting parents to share their views and ideas, and ensuring they influence what happens at the school, benefits everyone involved.

Parents have a unique knowledge of their own child, valuable life experience and personal skills, as well as energy and creativity and a vested interest in making sure the school is working well. Helping parents to feed in their views and ideas on a variety of educational issues, so that they are involved in educational planning and decision-making, will enrich children’s educational experiences and help to ensure the school is responsive to the needs of the local community.


What the Parent Council is

The Parent Council’s role is consultative and advisory, but the governing body remains the decision-maker and provides strategic leadership.


What the Parent Council is not

The Parent Council is not the channel for individual complaints and issues. Concerns or complaints involving individual children, families or members of staff will not be discussed. Any concerns of this type should be raised with the class teacher directly or a member of senior staff.


Why not join in?

The Parent Council is made up of parents just like you, to be really effective we need as many parent representative from each year group as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a parent representative; the time commitment is very small. We meet once or twice a term for about an hour, usually just before afternoon pick up. Your time in the playground when collecting children from school is when there is contact between council members and parents. All we ask is that you are willing to listen and bring the views and ideas you hear to the meetings.


To find out more please e-mail


The Parent Council is your voice in the school; please get involved we need your views and ideas.