Promoting British Values

At Runwell Community Primary School we support the British values of:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

These values are supported and taught throughout the school as we endeavour to show our pupils by example and through the curriculum what it means to be good citizens and considerate members of both our own and the wider local, national and global community.

We have a limited number of children on roll from minority ethnic, language and faith backgrounds, but this proportion is increasing and all children are taught to understand and appreciate people’s different experiences and beliefs. Children are given the opportunity to hear arguments for both sides of an issue, and to make an informed choice by voting.

We would like all our children to be respectful, curious, responsible, trustworthy, courageous, friendly and loyal members of society, and we promote and celebrate these values in class and in assemblies. Children are expected to learn right from wrong and to respect rules. They are rewarded for good behaviour, for showing consideration to others, and for making a positive contribution to the life of the school. We encourage children to be self-aware and to make good choices, recognising the effect their behaviour has on other people. They are encouraged to believe in themselves and strive to do their best.

Some thoughts about our British Values


The UK is one of the most privileged countries in the world. Living in a democracy means we have many choices, including a say in how money is spent to help us all with things like education and healthcare. Not all countries are able to offer such benefits.

Rule of Law

Different environments and places may have different laws and rules. These are in place to ensure we are kept safe and to minimise the dangers of any risks we may take.

Individual Liberty

It’s important to remember what we believe in and to make sure we stand up for ourselves and others around us if we believe something isn’t fair.

Mutual Respect

 All of our lives and journeys are different. Some people have made huge sacrifices for others. Some, may have injuries we can see, others may be struggling in other ways. Whatever we have been through, we must remember to support each other.


We are all unique, with different beliefs and opinions. Together, this makes our community a rich and vibrant one full of diversity. Both our similarities and differences should be celebrated as they make us who we are!

Exercising their democratic right to vote – students taking part in a mock election on polling day, 8 June 2017