Vision, Value & Aims

The Governors want to create an environment where challenge and commitment are a key part of school life; where there is support and encouragement to enable this to happen, and where confidence and self-belief make children and staff resilient and able to persevere, whatever the challenge.  They also want a school that is safe and happy, promoting an ethos where everyone is respected and valued, and where enjoyment and excitement make school life memorable for all.

Our vision is achieved through promotion of our High 5 Values which represent what we would like all children at the school to be:

Respect  /  Kindness  /  Honesty  /  Hardworking  /  Bravery

Our Aims

Runwell Primary School aims to be a school………..

  • Where all members of the school community are enabled to achieve success and reach their full potential in a safe, healthy, caring and stimulating environment.
  • That challenges pupils to enjoy their learning and develop knowledge, skills and aspiring attitudes so they can become confident, independent lifelong learners.
  • That promotes excellence and equality and has high expectations of pupils and staff.
  • Where the teaching is of a consistently high standard.
  • That provides a rich, thematic curriculum, which is well planned and resourced.
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  • Which maintains very high standards of behaviour in a positive atmosphere and where children can make a positive contribution to the school community.
  • Which supports the personal, social and emotional health and well-being of the pupils, so developing mutual respect and tolerance.
  • That encourages parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and the wider school community.
  • That promotes individual responsibility and accountability and which helps children to develop into thoughtful citizens and enables them to contribute fully to society throughout their lives.