Young Carers

Who are young carers?

By definition, a young carer is someone under the age of 18 who looks after a family member or friend who has a physical or mental health condition, or misuses drugs or alcohol. They may look after brothers, sisters or elderly relatives too.

Growing up should be about exploring and finding out who you are. But, for young carers who have to care for a loved one, it’s a little more tricky.

Having to care for someone can often mean missing school or not being able to go out with friends.

Many young carers, and the people around them, do not even realise they are carers.

Runwell Community Primary School is committed to meeting the needs of young carers so that they can attend and enjoy school in the same way as other learners and achieve their full potential.

Miss Stevens
Miss Jupe
Miss Seaman
Mrs Anthony
Mrs Mann
Mr Reeves

Our school leaders will assess the young carers wellbeing, attainment, progress and attendance to offer support where required.

The school has an effective referral system and strong partnership in place with relevant external agencies, including referral to Young Carer agencies providing key workers who will work with young carers and families.

We will strive to achieve best practice for students and families in our school in order to provide them with the best chance of success in their future.

If you require further information please contact Miss Stevens Pupil and Family Support Worker here at Runwell telephone: 01268 735329 or email directly to

Useful links for additional information with the young carers external agencies