Aspen Class Learning Overview

Maths Multiplying and dividing fractionsDecimals English – Writing a Narrative Share a funny or embarrassing momentDiscuss narrative arcRead sample texts and create vocabulary bankFollow steps to write a narrative Science – States of Matter Identify different states of matterParticle modelChange of stateExplain diffusionFiltrationEvaporationChromatography Geography Ordnance Survey Maps – Symbols and Grid Reference History Studying the …

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Year 3

What have Year 3 been learning about? In English, we relearnt the story of Little Charlie off by heart! We also made our own puppets and puppet show boxes and performed to the rest of the class. We then went on to write our own versions of the story by changing the main characters, settings …

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Oak Class 2020

This term our topic theme is ‘Our Community, Our Values’. We have been doing work around working as a team, coming together and helping others. Linking to this theme we have been reading a book called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. A story of friendship, hope and the importance of kindness. In …

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Birch Class

What has Birch Class been up to???? Is shaving foam a liquid, solid or gas? Children worked in groups to design their own Science investigation to answer the question ‘What material causes the most Friction’. Every Friday we write our wellbeing Journal. We say what our favourite memory was of the week and what made …

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Sycamore & Willow Class

What have we been learning about Kings & Queens King Alfred visited and left us his historic artefacts to look at. Divali Rangoli patterns Cave Rave for Monster Phonics Humpty Dumpty – testing materials Construction Van Gough sunflowers