Our A.B,C of Learning - Aspire, Believe, Connect

Our curriculum intent is for every learner to understand and appreciate what it means to be a 21st century citizen, we wish for our children to develop as globally aware, caring, healthy, creative and enterprising individuals, full of self-belief and confidence.  We desire our children to be resilient, respectful and tolerant; all values we believe that our learners will need in order to be successful in meeting the demands of modern society and an ever changing world. 

We will implement this by providing a skills based, knowledge rich curriculum that centers on the development of ‘Mind, Heart and Body’.  Our curriculum will provide our children with the opportunity to explore and steer their learning based on the issues that matter to them.  Teaching staff will act in the role of ‘facilitators of learning’, developing a connectedness with our children through meaningful consultation with them. We will seek to develop high quality oracy, literacy, numeracy, technical and creative skills throughout the primary phase by outlining a stepped approach to skills development in each of these areas.  We will all go on this journey together with overarching half termly whole school foci for learning.

The impact of this will be that all of our children will experience a curriculum that is fit for purpose and become independent, empowered individuals who see the value of lifelong learning.  Our children will develop an insatiable curiosity and the ability to learn from each other. Our learners will leave Runwell knowing the responsibility of their role as global citizens as we shall create collaborators, innovators, leaders and above all else; young people who understand what it means to be human.  

Organisation and Planning

At Runwell Primary school we provide a curriculum, progressive in social development and subject specific skills, which support pupils to develop a broad range of knowledge, through questioning, exploration and discovery in order to have a better understanding of the world around them. We have six, whole school, termly themes, which are developed in conjunction with the pupils so that pupils interests, curiosity and needs are incorporated and they in turn are motivated, connected with the theme and see its relevance. 








Autumn 1

Our School; Our Values

Throughout the school children will be taught the explicit core values of the school and its wider community.  Texts used will focus on values education and citizenship

Autumn 2

Our Future; Our Business

Children will learn about core skills of money managements, communication aspiration and enterprise.  They will work to produce a marketable product that will be celebrated at our end of year Enterprise Fair.

Spring 1

Our Vision; Our Creativity

Children will engage with art across all genres, music, visual and performing arts.  They will work collaboratively to produce a piece of work that will enhance and complement the school environment.

Spring 2

Our World; Our Responsibility

Children will learn why it is important to be globally aware citizens.  They will develop understanding of the key issues that threaten our planet and work towards creating more sustainability in their activities and future lives.

Summer 1

Our History; Our Past

Children will be exposed to all different periods in history, different year groups will look at Local, British and World event that helped shape the world they currently live in.

Summer 2

Our Health; Our Wellbeing

Children will learn core skills in keeping themselves healthy – in body, mind and spirit.  They will link their learning to key sporting events such as the Olympics, and other World Cup events to engage and promote the values that go alongside them.


Curriculum Maps

Take a look at our curriculum maps to see what we are learning!

Each year group’s curriculum map shows the subject content for each termly theme. Each class will begin the theme with a hook to motivate and ignite curiosity, the journey the theme takes will depend on pupil voice – questions / interest and pupils assessment of key skills. 

Each term classes endeavour to connect with the local community by visiting a place of interest so the experience provides an opportunity for pupils to draw upon learnt skills and further embed their knowledge and understanding of the wider world.

At Runwell pupil’s wellbeing is central to their learning success. If pupils are happy, healthy and feel safe they thrive with their learning. Daily mindfulness/relaxation sessions take place in school, providing an opportunity for pupils to unwind, clear their head and self-regulate emotions so that pupils feel: calmer and more fulfilled, can concentrate better, get on better with their peers, manage their stress and anxiety more successfully.

Mindfulness practice itself involves activities such as attention-training and meta-cognitive tasks that help children to focus on the present moment and work skilfully with their thoughts and emotions.  By training the mind and encouraging pupils to take control and believe in themselves, positive learning behaviours can be adopted, like a growth mindset.

Growth mindset is promoted throughout the curriculum, encouraging pupils to take risks with their learning – attempt challenges and try different approaches. By encouraging pupils to believe in themselves and see learning as a journey they are more resilient, aspire for the long term and identify what they can’t do as can’t do yet!

Regular updates of your child’s learning are posted on your child’s Class Dojo page by the class teacher; a page of photographs and a learning overview so that you can see what your child has experienced and learnt at school, to enable you to talk to them about their learning and motivate their interests further. 



Year 1

Curriculum Map


Year 2

Curriculum Map


Year 3

Curriculum Map


Year 4

Curriculum Map


Year 5

Curriculum Map


Year 6

Curriculum Map